Friday, June 11, 2010

Introduction to Borges

This is an introduction from which I will further explore the themes of Borges' stories, how they offer perspective on reality, and how they can be applied to our understanding of today's digital augmentations of reality.

Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986), was an Argentinian author. The various short stories of Borges present to the reader a world of hypothetical  and philosophical possibilities. They explore everything that reality can encompass, limited only by Borges' imagination, which is expansive. His stories are often  ambiguous as to their message or their conclusions. These brief works of fiction are a means to transport readers to a place that offers a diferent view of reality; and there they are left to revel in the ambiguity, or to sort out the implications themselves. It has been said that Borges' work embraces the "chaos that rules the world and the character of unreality in all literature" (Bella Jozev). He understood and explored the possibilities of literature in his literary approach, and also as an explicit theme in some of his stories. He had a sense, which he conveyed in his stories, of the limitlessness of what the human mind could imagine. Borges' fiction has drawn criticism for lacking connection to reality,  however I contend that it offers insight into human perception of reality and even predicts the ambiguity and chaos that new conditions bring to the modern perception of reality.


  1. You make a very clear assertion. I'd like to know more about Borges's personal life if it's relevant. I think it might deepen the link between the alternate (or not alternate) states of his own reality as he comes across both inside and out of his literature. Just a thought.

  2. I agree with James, your focus is clear. I suggest you check out the Dictionary of Literary biography (DLB) and look at Borges life. Is the reality of his personal life apparent in his writing? Thank you also for giving a brief description on Borges and his method of writing. This definitely fills in readers who may not be familiar with Borges or his works.

  3. A nice overview of your thematic interest in Borges. I am curious, though, as to what your plan is from here. What stories, what angles on this are you planning to take us through? It isn't clear what you are introducing us to by bringing in Borges' life and themes.